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Click below and take a look of  our service scoop. We are provide security fixes, code fixes and analysis.

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Look at our previous projects, vulnerability findings and many more. Each project is realized with passion

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Things that  have an influence on our high quality performance

Good understanding of the needs of our customers

We always look from the perspective of our customers. Our mission is to understands the needs, everything we do, we do for our customers.

Good and quick support

We are flexible, our mission is to provide 24/7 support for our customers. The usual response time is up to few hours. In case of any issue we provide quick solution.

Certified team

Everyone in our team is well trained and certificated, each of us specializes in different field but as a team we are complementary. Thats why we provide complex solutions.

Reasonable prices

Every time we carry out a valuation, we look at scope of work, size of the project and the time it will consume. By modeling on these parameters, we are able to calculate reasonable prices that each of our customer will handle.

Fast service

We are providing not only efficient work but also a fast service. Our project are distributed between many teams, thats why we are able to finish our work in just few days.

High quality

Despite our extensive experience, we are still developing, each of our team worker is certificated and is part of many trainings and conferences. We follow the IT market, thats why we are able to detect any type of issue and vulnerability.

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We provide professional security audits, code analyse, website build, forensic security analysis and web application code fixes. Our qualifications are confirmed by following certificatins...

Name and ID of certificate owner was blurred for data protection purpose, If any of our customer would like to verify our qualifications just contact us for more information and confirmation photos.

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